As we and our parents age, how we need to care for them and ourselves changes. There are considerations we may not have thought about before. Whether your senior loved one lives in the same South Bay community as you (in his or her own home or with you in yours) or live in another state, A Peace of Mind Home Care Solutions in Palos Verdes wants to provide you information that helps you ensure the best care for your loved one and yourself while during the caregiving period.

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How You Can Stay In Your Home: Is a reverse mortgage right for you?

In the golden years, everyone encounters a new set of challenges. Even if you or your parents are in relatively good health physically and financially, they may find themselves short on income and incurring new expenses. If they need in-home care or need to make their home more accessible in order to get around, these expenses may make it more difficult to stay in their home. One method that seniors are using to stay in their home is the reverse mortgage, an instrument that turns home equity into income to cover these unexpected financial obligations. How Can A Reverse Mortgage [...]

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Preparing for Potential Emergencies

As adult children of elderly parents, it's something that we all dread: an emergency that happens while your parent is alone.  Avoiding the issue won't make it go away.  Instead, it needs to be faced head on. Preparing for potential emergencies will help us all have peace of mind. There is something referred to as the "golden hour."  This is the time when prompt medical treatment can mean the difference between life and death.  With this in mind, here are some steps that you can take to ensure that your loved one gets the emergency care that he or [...]

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Caring for Elderly Parents in Palos Verdes

We've heard the saying "once an adult, twice a child," but the impact of those words may not truly hit until your elderly parent is in need of living assistance. Your parents may have once seemed to be invincible beings that could conquer the world. Your parents are still the same great people they've always been; they're now just in need of a little help. The stress of caring for a family of your own, working a career, and maintaining your own self-care may feel overwhelming as it is. When a parent is in need of assistance, the responsibility may [...]

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Taking Care of Aging Parents From a Distance

Your parents are two of the most important people to you because they have raised you and cared for you your whole life. Now as they are aging, it's your chance to return the favor. When your parents are in need of living assistance, you may feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of procuring the help they need when you live far away. Trying to balance your own busy lifestyle with that of a parent in need may feel like too much to handle. The process doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems. Here are a few tips on [...]

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Talking to Senior Parent About Driving

Are you worried about your senior parent continuing to drive? Are you waiting for him or her to reach a certain age to initiate this difficult conversation? There is no magic number that determines when a person should give up driving any more than there is a magic number that determines when a person should retire.  Some people are safe drivers well into their 80's while others should turn over their keys much sooner.  Driving combines both physical and mental fitness and there are many elements to consider when thinking about whether or not someone should continue to drive.  Let's [...]

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Talking to Your Loved One About In-home Care

Talking to a loved one about in home care may seem like a daunting task.  Will he or she be receptive to the idea or feel as if he or she is losing independence and privacy?  There may be many unknowns surrounding the subject of in home care that can create a sense of fear for you both.  Although embarking on this journey in a new phase of life seems difficult, the need for help will far outweigh any negative feelings. Here are a few tips on how to initiate the conversation about in home care to your loved one. Don't [...]

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10 Questions to Ask about In Home Care

Are you starting to look into finding in home care for your mother, father, or other loved one in the Los Angeles South Bay? If this is your first time pursuing the idea of in-home care for a loved one, you may be unsure of what to ask when looking for a provider that is trustworthy and competent. Here are 10 questions to ask prospective in home care providers to help you assess their quality and select someone you can trust to provide compassionate care for someone important to you. Why is this agency in business? There are a lot [...]

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